Who else is excited that Assange has been offered political refugee status by Mexico?


Can't think of a safer place. The U.S could never get to him in Mexico.

For the record, I think Assange is a good guy and all charges should be dropped because he never did anything wrong.

@snack yeah I’m worried about the practicalities as well, but I think it sends a strong signal to the international community that journalists should not face prosecution for publishing material that’s in the public’s interest. Hopefully more offers will be extended to him.


I wish the Australian government would send the same message.

@kindzmb I'd be more excited if he wasn't still in British custody.

@uxintro yeah, the fact that bail was not accepted is a real disappointment.

@kindzmb Other than that though, I am excited. I love that AMLO is happy to give the middle finger to the US (no matter who the president is).

@kindzmb Sure, but Mexico is too close to the US, so he is not really safe, tbh...
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