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I just had 45 minutes of really good D*.

*vitamin, it's 20 fucking degrees Celsius

@uxintro yeah, the fact that bail was not accepted is a real disappointment.

@matt cool, I’ll check it out. How do the use cases differ from mastodon’s?

@snack yeah I’m worried about the practicalities as well, but I think it sends a strong signal to the international community that journalists should not face prosecution for publishing material that’s in the public’s interest. Hopefully more offers will be extended to him.

@matt I haven’t tried matrix, how is it different from mastodon?

Who else is excited that Assange has been offered political refugee status by Mexico?

@matt I admire that you’re doing this though, which is why I decided to give this a shot again

@matt yeah it’s tough to fight the network effects of the monoliths

Ditt lokale sosiale nettverk β€” oslo.town

An online home for the people of Oslo, Norway πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄ but a gateway to the world.