This morning I went to a popular chain and ordered a coffee and they asked all the usual questions including my name so they could write it on the cup.

“Matt”, I answered. She replied “And is that with two T’s?”

“No teas. Just the coffee thanks!”, I quipped.

And there was NO REACTION :lol_fb:

So after a brief awkward pause I just said "Yes, two Ts"

:coffee_fb: :coffee_fb: :coffee_fb:

Clearly not a fan of .

@matt i appreciated it so the person behind the counter didn't have to.

@matt there is not Matt with one T, they do not exist !

Also nice joke, clearly you were under appreciated !!

I liked this joke very much but that doesn't matt-er much

@matt having worked retail in the early morning the worst thing in the world is the customer who thinks they're clever when they're really just holding up the line.

Because like any other distributed phenomenon each person who does it thinks they're the only one who does it, and I'm not allowed to tell them their joke sucks because I'll get fired

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