Food delivery service confirmed a data breach across 14 countries.

Data leaked includes personal details for 727,000 accounts - names, addresses, phone numbers and hashed passwords. It also contains latitude and longitude coordinates to six decimal points, which is accurate to within just a few inches.

Data also includes personal notes that customers included with their orders.

Good job.

@matt I like how, despite how dangerous the Internet is, we largely put inexperienced developers in charge of maintaining the web.

@selea @matt I keep assuming I only made one typo, and then I assume there was only one other typo and and and

@selea @matt My largely second-nature algorithm for this seems to be:

1. Type post.

2. Post it.

3. Check how it turned out.

4. Read until I spot a mistake.

5. Edit to correct mistake.

6. Go to 4.

I'm not saying it's a good algorithm, but it seems to be how my brain works...

@thor Sounds you like you need to move Step 2 to Step 6. :face_smirk_fb: @selea

@matt @selea Yes, but there is an assumption at the bottom of this that I haven't mentioned yet:

I assume I never make a mistake. It's an incorrect assumption, but if you do make that assumption, checking for mistakes before you post is a waste of time.

@matt @selea It's because of people like me that Mastodon needs an Edit button.

@matt @selea Maybe if enough of us delete-redrafters are stubborn enough about this, it will drive people nuts enough to mob Eugen and make him implement a button for it, lol

@thor I think the Delete and Redraft was a result of the Edit button conversation.

That's one thing Twitter and Mastodon have in common; no edits.

@matt Somebody probably made the argument that "Yes, but if we allow edits, people can abuse that." and then maybe someone else said "Yes, but we could tag posts as edited, or include an edit history, to fix that." and then the programmers chimed in and said "But that's too much work to implement."

@matt Or alternatively, "but this would make us incompatible with ActivityPub"

@matt Delete and redraft is the quick and dirty workaround, and it's dirty, because it breaks threads, it annoys people, etc. I don't like it at all.

@matt The larger picture here is that Mastodon is to other ActivityPub implementations what Chrome is to other browsers. If Google wants to introduce a new HTML tag to Chrome, there is very little to stop them from doing that, and then the others need to follow to retain compatibility.

Might be a bad thing seen one way, but on the other hand, it's far more efficient than design by committee.

@selea @matt If it doesn't make me look like a complete retard, I occasionally do, depending on my state of mind.

@selea @matt Matt proposed moving step 2 to step 6, which would have similar results.

Problem: I don't consciously *think* about this algorithm. I deduced it by observing my own behaviour after the fact.

@thor @selea You should just do Steps 1 + 2 and then repeat. Never edit anything. Just keep replying.

@thor @selea That's not what I said. You can just kep posting.

@matt @selea That includes step 3 and a different step 4 where a correction post is made.

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@matt @selea Step 1 and 2:

1. Type post.

2. Post it.

So... no correction.

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