Why does Tor browser always have that stupid border around each web page where content isn't allowed to render?

@matt For privacy.

Websites can track the size of the window, which then gives you the monitor size, which forms part of a fingerprint.

Tor once requested users not full-screen the browser. Now they automatically randomize the total Window area, without allowing websites to request the full size.

@neil Yup! @malin beat you to the punch!

I didn't even think about fingerprinting for the browser window size.

Thanks for the link too, Neil !

Seems like multipel people allready veat me to the explenation for it. Tho i still never full screen the vrowser as kinda sticks from back when it told you not to do it. And now i don't full screen most apkications and thinn fullscreening looks dumb

@matt You're not really supposed to change Tor Browser's window size, due to how websites fingerprint your browser canvas. People ignored that advice for years, though, so the implemented that feature to help reduce fingerprinting. It's still not as good as leaving your browser window size alone, but it's better than nothing. It still doesn't help people that fullscreen videos, though.

@matt wow pretty cool security improvement, much better than that annoying yellow shit saying I should downscale my crap, I bet noobs always just pressed x on it and kept on surfing the porn sites

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