Apparently calamine lotion isn't a thing in Norway, despite being on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines.

I asked if the chemist could make some and apparently that isn't a thing in Norway either.

"We don't mix our own drugs, we just buy them and put them on the shelf"

Oh, ok.

@matt Weird. How do they treat children with chickenpox then ?


I showed them the wikipedia page and the make-up of the solution and they didn't know what to offer.

I found the closest thing, but none of the staff in the three chemists I went to knew what I was looking for.

They call it "Hvit vask sinkliniment" which is like "White wash zinc liniment" and is zinc mixed with talc powder.

Apparently there are other cremes that they recommend instead of this.

@matt I used to have keoline and morphine for my stomach. Can't get it in Ireland for love nor money.

I mean if you left it unshaken you had pure morphine separate from the clay. So I guess that's why...

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