I’m on the front page of the national news today (wearing my cap) because I called the cops on an illegal rave next to my house where people got carbon monoxide poisoning.

@matt Are you telling me people decided to hold a party in a cave for hours without proper ventilation?

Man, I don't get why people keep trying this hard to party

@matt Good thing you weren't on it; the fucking idiots ran the diesel generator INSIDE the bunker.

@matt Well done! But damn, this is why we can't have nice, open caves... :(

I like how dafblade is just using you pfp essentualy. I not been reading tye news, but cool to hear

@matt Fyfaen. Jævlig bra heheh. Detta er kanskje største medie oppslaget Mastodon og fediverset har hatt nokon gong i Noreg! 😂

Just saw you on tv, wasen't expectibg to here you speaking english. But still cool to see.

@vegardskjefstad Mastodon cap? Check. Pride badge? Check.

“I’m ready for my close up!”

@matt or because the police were so slow to respond :-)

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