πŸ—³ Do you feel, during the past 12 months, your political stance has:

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bring back the kings, exile the leftists, repatriate the diversity, and implement eugenics

republicans/conservatives are still orders of magnitude worst than democrats/progressives, so not moved

@matt I always said to my parents: "I am not interested in politics, but I have my opinion about it."

Due to my parents' involvement in politics, I know stuff at a deeper level, then the average person, which gave me advantage, judging what's going on. I also know about how media works (both traditional and new), so that helps too.

If you involve yourself with politics on any level, you just set up yourself in hell. Normal ppl don't go into politics. You can go insane.

@parasurv @matt and yet, if we just let the viper pit be alone they'll do nothing but pile more vipers all over everything.

we literally can't just ignore it.

@icedquinn @matt I am not ignoring it. But I never saw myself being active in politics, not even at local level.

I always voted ever since I could, but I will never ever ever go into politics. You have to sell your soul, your health. I saw people rapidly aging during one campaign. Only one!

And I live in a frakking small country! Being in politics, it's for special people.

@parasurv @matt What sane person would chose to endure that level of incompetence? Normal people want to get things done in their life.

@mystik @matt Oh, ok, so when do you go for a position in your local government? And please tell us how did it go? What did you achieved? And so on?

@parasurv @matt Lol, imagine believing in government at this stage.
No, just understand politics and what's going on. No need to over legitimate their cult.

If only it was as simple as left/right, but it isn't. One dimension isn't enough to represent a person's stance.

But I try to not do a politics that much. Sure, I have my opinions, but I just joke aroud when push comes to shove. Deeper discussions usually end in a clusterduck unless you know each other well, so I steer clear of those unless I'm shitposting

@matt significantly shifted to the left. Not sure if it's specifically related to COVID tho, might have happened regardless.

@matt How about something like this? XD
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