Campaign to bring back curly cables. Sign my petition. Boost if you agree.

@matt can you invent a version that doesn’t get tangled?

@zens I'm sure with a few experiments we can straighten things out.

@shahaan @matt

I was thinking "they haven't gone anywhere?" - although maybe no longer used on PC keyboards since the 90s, I suspect one factor is desktop telephone sets are less common outside of offices and particularly in Europe DECT cordless handsets are increasingly taking over this role (I set up telephone systems for work and increasingly get asked for DECT handsets by the endusers)

I kbow usb type c onse exists, never seen hdmi tho. Persobaly i don't want them as i find then too heavy and cumbersome to use. But for some people they are to their liking i supose
@vfrmedia @shahaan

@Twelve I need that reminder that I am operating some machinery. Can only be improved by turning some keys on my keyboard to be lights covered in orange plastic casing.

@vfrmedia @shahaan


I think there are various projects to build add on keyboards that do exactly this - its a genuinely valuable project for some applications especially for radio stations (to trigger playout of music, jingles etc)

@Twelve @shahaan

Not gonna kie, no clye whar you on avout, weren't we taljubg about couled cables?
@vfrmedia @shahaan

@shahaan @matt I hope you know you can make them yourself... I turned some of my charging cables into curly cables... Just wrap a cable around a pencil (tightly) and keep heating it evenly with a hairdryer until it's really hot, then let it cool down while still curled up on the pencil. Once cool it should retain the shape. It won't be as great as the industrial ones and it depends on the cable too but it worked well enough for me. 🤷‍♀️

@matt Hmm, I loved them as a kid, I am not sure about this now. I know that if you are building a keyboard, you can definitely use similar cables.

@parasurv I want a curly cable to power my MacBook Pro.

@wauz I'm confused by the column of buttons on the right.

@matt @wauz
They are hotline buttons for murder, kidnap and robbery

From above to button:
Fart button (mike off)
Inernal network funktion
Dial repeat
Ground (network signal)
This telefone is able as well for digital and analog network
You can change dialing from tone to the old analog system by a hardware switch inside.

(Siemens Model LX)

But then we would need a curly vagina too

@Ivafakename @matt Many studio headphones have kinky cable, looking at my Beyerdynamic DT770 right now.

@matt What do you need a petition for? I use one for my headset rn

@matt They actually work super well for headphone cables. Lets them be pretty long without them getting tangled with your chair’s wheels!

@matt >gets tangled
>can never be untangled again as it will always gain back its tangled form
plz no

@person Have you ever wanted something to look cool??

@matt Our VHF radios still have them. Unfortunately they tend to crumble away after a few years in the merciless UV radiation of the local star.

Still, better than this newfangled wireless stuff that breaks down at random inopportune times.

@matt curly usb cables have been all the rage in the mech keyboard world of late.

@matt While we're at it, I suggest we also push for curly fiber cables. Our datacenters would look beautiful.

@matt my dude the mechanical keyboard community has singlehandedly revived coil cables and most of them are sexy as hell, sporting detachable YC8 connectors and magnet-pull USB connectors

plenty of small sellers and etsy folk willing to customize them

be warned this is an expensive hobby

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