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I was thinking "they haven't gone anywhere?" - although maybe no longer used on PC keyboards since the 90s, I suspect one factor is desktop telephone sets are less common outside of offices and particularly in Europe DECT cordless handsets are increasingly taking over this role (I set up telephone systems for work and increasingly get asked for DECT handsets by the endusers)


@vfrmedia @shahaan I want curly HDMI and USB-C cables. 🙂

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I kbow usb type c onse exists, never seen hdmi tho. Persobaly i don't want them as i find then too heavy and cumbersome to use. But for some people they are to their liking i supose
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@Twelve I need that reminder that I am operating some machinery. Can only be improved by turning some keys on my keyboard to be lights covered in orange plastic casing.

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I think there are various projects to build add on keyboards that do exactly this - its a genuinely valuable project for some applications especially for radio stations (to trigger playout of music, jingles etc)

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Not gonna kie, no clye whar you on avout, weren't we taljubg about couled cables?
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