πŸŽ‰ Now Safari on allows me to set as my default search engine πŸŽ‰

🌳 πŸ’š

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@matt Which reminds me that I think that I can now set Firefox as my default browser (at last).

@matt How does Microsoft treat search data? Better than google and not as good as DDG? Honestly; I am not sure.

@draft13 I'd say you are right. Marginally better than Google, but not as good as DDG.

If you are searching directly on Bing, then they save all your searches if you have Search History switched on. That info is then used to "tailor the experience" and target ads from Microsoft ad network.

But, if you are using Ecosia, its different. It uses the Bing API, where searches remain relatively anonymous (linked to a random ID) and data only kept for a max. of 3 months.

@draft13 At least, thats my latest understanding from the details I've read.

I also spewed that back to you from memory - so sorry if some details are slightly inaccurate.

It's the best I recall them though without doing the digging. :face_smile_fb:

@matt Thanks for the info; I might take a look into this. Planting trees for my data might be an okay exchange. :)

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