I'm trying to help my non-techy friends get to grips with using and to find chat rooms to join.

Here's a blog post which attempts to list a bunch of servers and public rooms.

Please, check it out, share it, and if you use Matrix - join some rooms.

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@matt Super nicely written, thank you! If friends of mine ever will join Matrix, I'll make sure to send this to them 😊

@matt good list, but classifying rooms by server of one alias makes no sense. Rooms are federated equally between servers and can have many aliases on different servers. For example " rooms" may have several aliases on different servers pointing to the same room. has no special ownership of those rooms. Better just list by category and show the main alias of the room. There is a similar list of Finnish rooms here: #matrix #finland

@cos Ah, I see. That’s… kinda added an extra layer of confusion into this. Who makes these decisions?!

That’s like knowing you are @cos but actually I’m going to make which is like… a clone/gateway to you.

So how do you know on Matrix which is the real, original address of the room??

@matt Room aliases are just s way to join a room by name. Like DNS is to find domain names. None of the aliases are more real than others. Rooms do have default alias set by admin but it is just for display and sharing. I don't see a problem there.

@cos Yeah. I get it. But that’s because I’m quite a technically minded person. This isn’t very easy for an average end user to understand. It’s another example of FOSS software being made by geeks for geeks.

@matt for average user it's enough to join with the alias provided somewhere like your list. No need to know the details behind it. Multiple aliases per room make Matrix more reliable - if one server with alias goes down, the others will still work and people are able to join via them. With only one alias per room one server could block access to a room and that's not acceptable in federated world.

@matt this is useful and interesting. In the #matrix I'm

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