The anti-vaxxers are going to go wild for this one:

Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez, who has been vaccinated against Covid-19 with Russian Sputnik V, announced late Friday that he had tested positive for the coronavirus.

💉 💉 💉

But then, the Russian Gamaleya Institute claims the vaccine is 91.6% effective against infection.

I guess Alberto is the 8.4%.

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@matt Just because you have been tested positive, doesn't mean that you are getting sick, if you are vaccinated. Especially the PCR is very sensitive and it might be, that you are testing positive but your body is very capable of defending itself.
Also: it takes your body up to a month after the first shot to establish immunity.

So based on those information alone, no need to worry and also no food for any weird conspiracies.


@phoenix Oh don't worry - I do trust science. I signed up for the vaccine the other day. 😄

@matt Good to hear, I'm just stating that it's never black and white. Also if certain people would like it that way 😉 👍

@phoenix @matt The fact that you reference to weird conspiracies is food enough for wired conspiracies you foolish sleep sheep. 🤪

@cybercow @matt Nowadays kinda everything is food for some kind of weird conspiracy 🤷

@matt no offense, but I have very limited trust in that propaganda number

@hjertnes Maybe it's not 91% but that's not really the point. No vaccine is 100% protective against. There's always going to be people it doesn't work for.

Even if it was 91% - that means around 1 in 10 people could still get COVID after taking the vaccine. 🤷

@matt yeah, a lot of people have a questionable understanding of statistics, especially vaxxers

@matt also, as far as I’m concerned the main purpose of vaccination large amounts of the population is to save guard against large R numbers

@hjertnes @matt The BCG vaccine has an efficacy of 60-80%. As you say, vaccines in general are for collective protection, not individual protection.

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