How do people even buy apartments in ? It's soooo expensive. 😢

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@matt What is the price range this month? They seem to be going up still. People thought the "bubble" would pop... over 10 years ago. And prices have kept climbing 😱

@estebanm Precisely. Pre-corona I thought I had enough and was looking at places that cost around 5 million.

Turned out I was a little short.

Now I'm looking at the same sort of size place (60m sq with 2 bedrooms) and it's mostly 6 million asking price.

So now, again, I'm too short.

@matt To be clear: this is second hand, right? So the asking price is probably much lower than whatever the buyer ends up paying... 😓

@estebanm Yepppp, its not a new build.

Basically, if I want to buy an apartment, I need to live in a shoebox.

60m2 for a family of 3 (and 2 cats) should not be too much to ask. 😆

@christoffer All my friends are in Oslo. Wouldn't care if I grew up in the countryside and was moving back home - but I came from Manchester to Oslo - which is already downsizing what I'm used to. I might just go insane if I moved to the country.

@Matt ✨ What area are you looking at? 5 mill for 60 m^2 is insane! Check the less popular areas, you can probably get something better way cheaper there. I can warmly recommend Holmlia, lived there for more than ten years myself. Nice area, close to the beach and nature areas, good connections to the city and much more reasonably priced than most of Oslo.
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