Is it possible to sign up to a charity or trade union without getting a million trees worth of marketing material in the mail?

Pretty sure they spend my whole subscription fee on sending me newsletters, campaign notices, or printed magazines that I never read.

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@matt I think I was super lucky, last time I was unionised I managed to receive 1 piece of marketing from them.

Though they were also a poor union to be part of

@matt I have been relatively successful asking them to not send them. I think it's silly that it's not the default, or at least a clear option when signing up (instead of me having to send an email), especially for environment-related orgs (yikes), but yeah, it's worth a try.

@matt you send them an email and tell them not to put you on mailing lists.

@matt in Canada we have Canada Helps ( where you can give to a charity and choose a number of options on what information is given to the charity (see the attached screenshot with the options).

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