I'm the person in the meeting that turns around and says to the group "You realise the problems with the product that we are looking to fix by adding more stuff are problems that we created by adding too much stuff?"

It often doesn't go down very well.

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@matt bringing my therapist and inner 3 year old to the meeting by asking "yes, but why is that a problem?" to everything the project manager brings up until everyone is left questioning why we're even doing it when the only person who benefits are share holders making us look busy

@matt Nobody likes the truth unless it perpetuates a myth.

@matt that’s not the Microsoft Office way Matt 🧐 if you use these exact words (“you realize that...”) then you need to improve your communication skills. That’s a very passive-aggressive way of expressing an opinion. You could say “are you aware...” instead, or “I see this and that problem here”.
You’re not helping if you couple observation with blame right away.

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