🗳️ There's been a passionate discussion recently of whether should ditch the term 'Toot' and change it to 'Post'.

Which side of the fence are you on?

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@matt toot is a nice differentiation from “standard conventions.”

@matt Fart I'd like to see it called Fart.

"I just farted."
"@Matt refarted your fart"
"You refarted @Matt's fart"

Seems so much more fun.

@dick_turpin Well, some of my toots really do stink up the room.

@matt Sadly, a fair few in open-source accuse me of being a shit-stirrer. It's mainly a deflection mechanism on their part because, deep down, they know I'm telling the truth.

@dick_turpin Ah, I'm sure sometimes you are right, sometimes you are wrong, and sometimes you just have different opinions and both ways are correct.


@dick_turpin And that statement is how I know you're not always right 😆

@matt The hordes of Prian will feast on your testicles for that treasonous heresy!

@dick_turpin For free? I usually have to pay for service like that! 😏

@matt I feel like a "post" feels like more of a formal and large-scale contribution to something, like a blog post or article or something, whereas "toot" is a cute way of referring to the short-form blips of activity that Mastodon and social media networks like it encourage.

@matt I rather want to ask myself why the hell Mastodon calls them statuses internally.
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