Move aside TIDAL because Apple Music have come in with their lossless audio for no extra cost. 🥰

I'd rather pay tidal than apple tho, they pay the least to musicians I think.

@sexybiggetje That must have changed because when I signed up 5 years ago to Apple Music they paid the most after TIDAL.

YouTube was last.
Spotify second to last.

I remember this because I quit Spotify and jumped to Apple Music after reading a few articles about this.

I looked up sales a few times from a few indie artists, and they got paid significantly less. Maybe they don't sell enough

@sexybiggetje To be honest, I mostly buy records from indie artists on Bandcamp and listen to popular artists on Apple Music. 🙂

I don't like Bandcamp itself much. So usually I pay direct when possible. For the rest I do have a Spotify account, but it's just playing mostly the same artists

@matt Have you tried the spacial audio? It's fab.

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