Today is Election Day 🗳 in Norway 🇳🇴 and if you are able, you should vote!! 🎉

The podcast Ballot To Talk About covers the essentials for any non-Norwegians wondering what the hell is going on.

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@matt I still have no idea what to vote.

Kind of considering just making a blank vote or something
@matt Apparently I'm so centrist that I agree with every single party.

I did not pick "Hopp over" on a single question
@quad @matt is there are single issue u care about? it is sometimes easier to focus on these things than every issue
@khaosgrille @matt Nothing that any party cares much about.

I'm all for stuff like reversing the forced regional merger in Norway where desired, making sure crap like DGF (Digitalt Grenseforsvar) never sees the light of day, and requiring standardized non-proprietary components for all communication with the government.

But all of these are secondary or tertiary issues for parties. If they care at all. I don't care about any of the stuff like immigration laws or oil drilling that others are so riled up over.
@quad @matt so there is a party which has these points on their agenda even if not with a high priority?
@khaosgrille @matt maybe the pirate part, but honestly dunno how much of a worthwhile party they are in Norway
@JarlavGrenlandUpir I completely forgot, but you can’t vote for piratpartiet in Sogn og Fjordane.

They weren’t able to gather the required people so they’re just not an option here

@quad wonder how it would be if you where to prevote in another fylke on the pirateparty. becuase your vote is counted in sogn og fjordanet even if you prevoted in Bergen

@JarlavGrenlandUpir dunno, but I’ve only left my fylke once since corona started, because minimal travel

@quad maybe you should be prime minister then everyone will be content?

@Quad 🌸 I find it fascinating that it's possible to be 58% in agreement with FrP and 51% in agreement with Rødt at the same time :)

One point that may help you is that we don't vote for the prime minister (or the rest of the cabinet) in Norway. We vote for the Parliament. And then the Parliament (with the King) elects the cabinet. So vote for whatever you think is an important voice that should be present in the Parliament. A small party getting in one representative can affect the politics a lot more than yet another representative from First House.
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