Oh no! I blocked web fonts on my browser and forgot every loves to use icon fonts instead of SVGs 🤦

Look at the state of this UI 😂 Squares everywhere! 🙃

@matt it's because it has an animation when clicked.

I found out the boost icon was different from the othe back when i was customizing the appearance of mastodon on my browser

@matt did you just boost me to see the animation ? Cause my post surely didn’t deserve it :derpy:


@Guerin Who are you?? The boost sheriff ??? 🚔 Hehe. No, I just like to aggressively boost sometimes. And sometimes boosting replies leads people back to the original thread because they’re curious about the topic. 🧵

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@matt damn, my cover is busted ! 🔁 👮

anyway, keep boosting as you wish, i was just picturing you clicking the boost button just to see it animate in the middle of all your blank squares ^^

@dustin @matt it just rotates doesn’t it ? The shape isn’t changing as far as i remember

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