Have you ever tried @Mojeek to search the internets? 🗳️

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@matt @Mojeek Never heard of Mojeek. How's that different from DuckDuckGo?

@vortex_cynbel Both are private and claim largely the same thing, but:

DuckDuckGo is US-based and takes results from Bing and Yandex and merges them together. 🇺🇸

@Mojeek is UK-based and scans the web themselves and creates their own index of the internet. 🇬🇧

@Mojeek Feel free to skew the results by boosting 🔁

@Mojeek Whilst I have you here. I added Mojeek to my browser using the url:

And this works for searches such as 'test':

But not when there are special chars involved, so '"this is a test"' does this:

@matt The short answer is that this is something we've raised with the team and have been looking for a fix for. Spaces are encoded as %20 and not + which can be problematic when it comes to the methods we are using to block automated queries. If you're on their forums it has come up a few times.

@matt @Mojeek I like that #Mojeek accepts #WebMonetization, but Mojeek doesn't support Thai script. Even in English, the search results could be more up-to-date. 🤔

@veer66 @matt Sorry to hear that, on the Thai script, we're a very small team who are currently focussed on offering (and improving) our results across the languages we have in team.

On the English results, if you find anything that's off, there's a Feedback button at the bottom of the page if you're happy to help us improve when you find results that are not up-to-date enough. 🙏

@Mojeek It is okay. Please ping me when you support Thai script.

Is there any easy way to report when the result is okay?


@veer66 @matt the Feedback button is at the bottom of the SERPs page and will pop up our Feedback modal

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