A change in software over the last decade that I've noticed is the inability for the user to say "No". I maybe first noticed this with iOS updates where the options were to "Install Now" and "Later". Maybe it's just me imagining it but I feel like I experience this more and more where the choices a user has are 1. Do what we want now and 2. Do it later. Even worse is when they use the 'voice' of the user, as if the request comes from your preference like "Remind Me Later"

It just never feels....right. It's like if someone in a bar came up to me and said "Hey, can I buy you a drink? Or, should I try again in an hour?"


@calutron I’m mixed on this because I know too many people that refuse to update their devices - not because they don’t want the latest stuff - but because they aren’t tech savvy and updating feels like a chore.

But then they are declining important security updates, which you ideally want a non-technical person to have.

@matt @calutron Yeah, either updates are performed silently and people complain or developers have to nag users to update which they also complain about. I think ultimately we need to reduce the frequency of updates so whilst it remains a chore, it’s a chore that is required less often and is more likely to come with new goodies. But that would probably require software to be more long-term stable.

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