@mcread Same owner, many of the same employees, same product - almost. 🙃

@mcread Jon von Tetzschner (who previously founded Opera and now founded Vivaldi) probably won't do that. He was out the loop at Opera for a few years before they sold - wasn't even the CEO at that point. I'm sure he made good money from it, but I'm not sure he 'wanted' to sell. Maybe.

I think Vivaldi is now his passion project. He's in it for the tech. Not a quick sale.


Got to love these geeks that can feed themselves and some friends around them !

@matt @mcread Tetzschner actively hated and opposed the sale (and various choices leading up to it), and resigned over the direction they were taking - way before the sale.

And hey, over the past couple of years Vivaldi has gone from being a bit meh to being excellent (given some configuration), so now it's not even a matter of supporting small tech - it's a great choice!

@clq @mcread I moved to Norway to work for Opera and stayed there for 5 years before Microsoft offered me a job. I met JvT several times before being hired and obviously many more since.

As someone who worked at the company during and post JvT as CEO, I wouldn't say it was entirely his decision to step back from that role. But also, I never really bothered to dig into the politics. 🤷‍♂️

Lars, his successor, did a great job too in running the company but he was very much there to make $$$.

@matt @mcread I was there as an intern summer of 2010 (perhaps an overlap?), and was at a table during lunch which was all office-politics all the time. I don't remember that much other than no one having a bad word to say about JvT, and a general consensus that he wasn't really in control of much any more, and had kind of "lost" an internal battle.

@clq @mcread Quite possibly an overlap - I arrived at the place in time for the Summer party of 2010 🙃

Innnnteresting. I feel like I should have known this factoid already (that you interned at Opera). But also my memory is like a sieve sometimes. 😂

@matt From my side, less said about that party the better...

And, for what it's worth, I think very few people know I interned at Opera. Not for any bad reasons though, it just doesn't come up a lot! (A great experience as an intern though - the people were great, and my tasks were mildly interesting. My only regret is not stealing an Opera cup while I was there.)

@matt isn’t this the thing the opera people made?

@hjertnes Meh. I think what they're doing is good. Sticking to their beliefs - making the browser product they want - not looking to grab the whole market - just make enough $$$ to run a decent size, profitable business.

I thought we'd had enough of "big tech" and monopolies, so should be supportive of small tech, rather than ridicule them?

@matt I’d support that if they didn’t use chromium

@matt Released first for everyone in beta in Vivaldi 4.0. This beta phase has just ended now, that’s all.

@TritTriton I'm just sharing their new blog updates. I'm not trying to pretend this is new info to beta users 🙃

@matt I’m not a beta user, but even on stable Vivaldi versions, the mail-RSS client was still in beta.

See: vivaldi.com/blog/vivaldi-4-0/

@matt isn't Vivaldi an offshoot of Opera? Because Opera browser usef to have built-in email client. Though the RSS feature is new to me, although a cool new feature

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