Both and rebranded in the past week?! What is this?! Rebrand a month?

What is interesting to me is that both of them have the search box in the top left and a whole "frontpage" of marketing content... opposed to the 'traditional' look of throwing a search input box in the middle of a clean white page.

I guess people don't set search engines as their homepages anymore.

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@matt Qwant now looks a bit 1995 😅 But that's fine for me!

@matt they really don't. I don't have any numbers to back this up, but I expect that, among the population that uses alternative search engines, the most common home and/or new tab page is some sort of bookmark page, similar to the default Safari homepage. Everything must be a Disney movie of color nowadays. I hate to say it, but I almost barfed when I saw that ProtonMail changed from blue to pinkish-purple.

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