If you could only keep one, which would it be... ??? 🤔 🗳️

Ooops. I probably should have tagged the initial poll post with and too i guess the result might get a bit biased when asking them on the fediverse

@puniko I think so too. Just wondered if or would come through with strong numbers tho i guess, its gonna be matrix. a lot of people on fedi use matrix

All instant messengers are shit, I would rather use email.

@katnjiapus Well, idk. Encrypted messengers are pretty nice.

@katnjiapus XMPP is for geeks and gets disqualified on the name alone.

@katnjiapus You're right. But at least I can say Matrix without getting confused what letters are in there. Haha

@matt - Once upon a time it was called "Jabber". It was the communication protocol that was called XMPP back then but became the name of the entire system when becoming an international standard.

Similarly the Fediverse is powered by the ActivityPub protocol.

+ @katnjiapus

@matt fediverse definitely despite all its flaws It's the best
@matt >Would you prefer something usable, something meh, proprietary malware or proprietary malware?
I go for option 0.

@matt Im not going to vote as to not skew things, but Mastodon is my only social media presence.

@MrBuggles @matt

It's still a legit vote, Dave. I don't use Discord or Twitter - anymore, so I'd only keep the Fedi.


I voted the obvious discard on lieue of a spiderman option

@matt I’m one of the 11 people who voted for Twitter but that’s simply because I have been there for years and I’ve made a lot more connections over there than I’ve done over here, not necessarily because I like the experience of Twitter as a platform.

@aletzi Yeah. Very understandable. I threw Discord in there because I thought people might find it more… fun (?) than other platforms because that’s where they have their people.

Personally, I like that I can read and see a lot of stuff on Twitter that I can’t on Mastodon. It just seems the bar for interactions is higher.

I can post the same thing on Mastodon and Twitter and I get replies from people here. Not even my followers reply so frequently on Twitter. 😅

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