Are you ready for a very 🇳🇴 -based 🗳 ??

@matt there are pros and cons to each.

Kiwi is everywhere and they have a lot of cheap generic products, and you save up points on the Trumf loyalty card. meanwhile, Rema 1000 has the Æ loyalty card, where you don't save anything up, but if there are particular things you buy a lot of, you can get some pretty good discounts on it. but they don't have as many generic products. Coop is old faithful, where your grandma would shop. not too cheap, but you'll find those candy drops she used to buy there. as for Meny, i don't get the appeal of their smaller locations at all. for me, that chain is about choice. their bigger stores have all sorts of foreign import products that the others don't have. but if you don't live near one of those big stores, what's the point...

@john Well, I hope it didn’t come as too much of a surprise. 😅

I am reading this in front of a rema 1000 eating lunch...

Rema 1000, boaring, but dependebal

Kiwi, not the best selection

Coop, decent saladbar and some fun buns

Spare, best salad bar. Rare to find

Meny, never had lunch at one, only one of them in my area that in know of

@matt Ok, in order

1. Coop mega (but not the other shitty ones)
1. Meny (yes, equal first)
3. REMA 1000 (because they have different things and a few good things)
4. Kiwi (their selection is shit even by Norway standards)

@matt depends on what i am to buy, coop is horrible at bread, but their discount brands and salat bar is pretty decent. kiwi is pretty standard, but has my absolute favourite bread (bakehuset's seterbrød). rema 1000 is not really having the best breads, but if you buy those dual-pack plastic wrapped wholegrain pumpkin breakfast buns instead of bread (a bit expensive) there is no other chain that can compare to the taste of that.

meny... well, i aint rich but they have the best stocked soft-drinks aisle of all chains with exotic choices from all over the world. the bread you can get there when on a discount is pretty nice, but it changes every week so you always have to gamble on the new one still being good.

@gaige @matt

"coop is horrible at bread" Ah yes… I forgot about that. There bread is indeed terrible. To the point I might consider revising

@ruari @gaige @matt I try to just buy from Coop. Duopoly is real in matbransjen.

@fredrik @ruari @matt triopoly if you think of only customer facing supermarkets and stores (norgesgruppen, rema & coop), but a quadrupoly if you add asko as well.
@matt I remember the good times of pan-Scandinavian TV3 and the jingle "Du får det du ska ha på REMA 1000"!
@matt Co Op because we have them in England so I might be able to find teabags and chocolate hobnobs there.
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