This week is the first ever (Not IRL) Pride Summit hosted by Lesbians Who Tech. Really looking forward to digitally attending some of the sessions!

Why does Tor browser always have that stupid border around each web page where content isn't allowed to render?

Some sick bastards set some glue and bread down as a trap for birds. Here is a seagull that got glued to the pavement. They had to kill it. STOP ABUSING ANIMALS YOU EVIL TWATS.

Last weekend my friend suggested I should find a private fjord to go swimming in.

20 mins later, I found a private fjord to go swimming in.


A damaged wing but still beautiful. Any butterfly enthusiasts want to help identify it?

I don't understand why the Tories think ending your freedom of movement is something to be celebrated.

You can tell them what you think by answering this survey on their website which they have been targeting to their followers:

Signed up to Duolingo Pro because I really want to step up my Norwegian language knowledge (and also learn Arabic and Esperanto) 🦉

Live-action Caturday 🐈 Feel feel to reply with your own image captions! 💭

I think it was @fireglow who asked for a update on and I was busy so never got around to posting this photo of the :cat_fb: :cat_heart_fb:

They call it design you wouldnt udnetstansadas /s

A deer wandered into my garden today. It’s living in the trees behind my house. I live in the city. 😮 🦌

Today, in more bird news - my wife and I caught this pigeon which had string tangled around its feet.

I always have a Swiss army knife in my pocket so was able to cut the string off and the bird could use its feet again.


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