Live-action Caturday 🐈 Feel feel to reply with your own image captions! 💭

If you are a fan of and and 🐱 then maybe you want to help this person out.

Someone shot his cat 🔫

It’s 5am and I’ve been awake for the past half an hour because the decided it was time to run around and knock things off other things. 🤬

Why is it that my find 's white, expensive cables for MacBook and iPhone more chewable than any other cable I have in the house?!

Yo! I don't know about YOU but I'm going to leave work early today to take my cat to the pet dentist. :cat_fb:

My cat just knocked my phone off the table and it smashed the screen.

Oh, nearly forgot to post a picture of my dorky cat, Harold aka Mr Lush.

CAT UPDATE × There's a ladybird in the house and the cats are on high alert at the prospect of catching the new visitor. 🐞

I crowned my cat King of the apartment and tbh, he's not too happy about the extra responsibility.

Show me a cat drawing that deserves the name Barry Cheesecake more than this one. I dares ya! :cat_grin_fb:

A cat from a neighbouring apartment block just found it's way to our apartment door.

My two (indoor) cats were like "There is someone at the door" and I told them they were being foolish, opened the door so they could see, and there was another cat sat on our doormat!

I've never seen two cats puff up more quickly. Now my cats are super curious and terrified that the strange cat that they usually just see from the window came to visit!

:cat_fb: :cat_fb: 🐱

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