Just saw a fight on a bus :ruter: That's a rare sight. It was like being in Manchester again. :lol_fb:

The person who started punching did so because he objected to being touched (someone pushed passed him). So his solution was to touch him some more... with his fists. 🥊


Today, in more bird news - my wife and I caught this pigeon which had string tangled around its feet.

I always have a Swiss army knife in my pocket so was able to cut the string off and the bird could use its feet again.


Shout it from the rooftops: oslo.town
Will never let you down: oslo.town
The hippest mayor around: oslo.town
Don't forget to invite your friends because it's quite lovely in here: oslo.town

cc// @themayor

Mastodon Secret 🤫 

I sometimes, quite often, type mstdn.io into the address bar when I want to visit my own instance. I blame @angristan for being such a good admin.

I really want to get some stickers or flyers done. Was just sat next to a guy on the bus who was browsing and I could've slapped an oslo.town sticker on him - Nathan Barley style.

I was wondering, as a concept whether it would be good to simply use toot contents (with permission) and then suggest you can reply by joining X instance?

In this case, . And, I'd make a better design than this if I was making them.

If I were to get a bunch of posters printed to promote my instance, do you have anymore "...but..." suggestions?

@katnjia 👋 If you have friends in Oslo :norway_fb: get them to sign up to oslo.town

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