@matt good god the day I bought a washing machine with built-in dryer my life quality went up by a 100 points.

After using a communal laundry room in a neighbouring apartment block for about 4 and a half years, it's bliss to finally have my own washing machine / dryer combo again.


@duncanhart It's basically with all the Mozilla stuff removed (like Pocket integration) and the extension built-in. And adverts by Ghostery.

It prompted me to reinstall (which is Firefox without the Mozilla stuff) and install AdGuard. A better solution.


@torie I have heard of Billie Eilish and Perfume Genius but none of the others.

I met Perfume Genius once after seeing them play in Oslo in 2012.

My friend said to them "Hey. You are not bad. Quite talented. You will go far with music if you stick to it" - like he was some high school teacher praising a kid for having a good music lesson.

@mur2501 The only Windows computer I use is my gaming machine sat under my TV. Microsoft Office and Edge exists on Mac too.

Just like you don't need Chrome OS to use Google search engine.


๐Ÿ“’ Note to self:

Use the "Like" and "Dislike" options more when listening to random playlists on Apple Music.

Found which does what I am looking for, but within the web browser.

Was hoping for a native app, tbh.


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Is there a little client that I can use to send my ๐ŸŽต plays from Apple Music to both Last.fm and ListenBrainz?

Right now, I have to manually import data into ListenBrainz from my Last.fm profile. :grimace_fb:


@ldexterldesign Yeah, I read about the drama with Ghostery 5+ years ago. I used to use it at the time and switched.

I'm not using Ghostery as my default browser - just playing with it to see what they are doing.

@katnjiapus Well, for them it's brand building and user retention.

You get people on your browser, then you can get people to pay for your premium packages.

They are pushing their own search engine, adblock - both with pro subscriptions. And also pushing adverts directly to users.

All about the $$$$.

For me, who knows how to install different free adblock extensions and use a search engine that doesn't track you... meh. I can stick with FF.

Giving browser a try. Interesting that they block adverts across the web, but serve adverts in their start page.

@ClouD @evelynyap I should have mentioned I already have this setting set to never download. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Maybe its not registered and it just needs turning off and on again. ๐Ÿค”

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