@harald I agree. I have a few friends who don't really understand this and I'm trying to encourage them to get just that (without building it for them)

@harald I've encouraged them to make something somewhere else for people to follow.

Hey domain people please propagate fully so I can send my custom email address some emails without the bouncy-bouncy, thanks.

@sexybiggetje Thanks! Some time to stop staring at bad computer and start staring at good computer. 👨‍💻

Monday morning and the first of three weeks I have off work 🏖️

@harald I don’t make the rules. 😂 It’s in Facebook’s walled garden.

Do you like ? 🎲 Would you like your own custom dice? 🤔

An Internet friend of mine is and taking . Follow them on Instagram and order some custom dice for your favourite . 🦀


My wife forced me to subscribe to premium because recorded a story on there. 😒

So now, instead of drifting off to the sound of on app we now fall asleep to the mumble of her celebrity dream boat. 🛌 💤

Playing some right now and streaming it on (even though I don’t have a mic or cam set up at the minute)

🎮 twitch.tv/blackhoodedcrow

@athairbirb @matt Beannachtaí óÉirinn agus maidin mhaith :)

Something bit me on the ankle and it itch.

I audibly gasped when I saw this and my partner correctly deduced that they should take a photo immediately

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