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When will it be less warm? 🥵

Sometimes you got to use the Block button to make the place you want it to be. 🤷

Sometimes I visit so I can see news that isn't just Donald Trump.

Trying to adult and wondering where is best to keep money so it turns into more money.

Struggling to summarise months of complex work and research into a 1000 word blog post for today.

"New Zealand has recorded its first new cases of coronavirus for 24 days after two women who arrived in the country from Britain were found to be infected."


Classic British move.


Electrolux PA91-404DG for those who are curious

Food delivery service confirmed a data breach across 14 countries.

Data leaked includes personal details for 727,000 accounts - names, addresses, phone numbers and hashed passwords. It also contains latitude and longitude coordinates to six decimal points, which is accurate to within just a few inches.

Data also includes personal notes that customers included with their orders.

Good job.

name a more iconic duo than Fedi instances and permanently shutting down a year after creation

Why do so few websites have password fields long enough for passphrases in 2020? It can't be that difficult to implement.

Welcome @neil to 🎉

To help discover users (and to help them discover you) be sure to use in your posts.

Uploading an avatar and writing an about yourself will help attract followers.

The website works well on mobile too, but if you prefer to use an app over the website, check the selection on

Any questions; just ask away! 🎩

Some sick bastards set some glue and bread down as a trap for birds. Here is a seagull that got glued to the pavement. They had to kill it. STOP ABUSING ANIMALS YOU EVIL TWATS.

I'm at least 99% sure that the woman who works at the agency I rent my apartment from hates immigrants. Or maybe just me? I don't know.


Good morning, Mastofolk! 🌇 🌴 ☀️

I just got a screen on which asked if I wanted to see ads "During the video" or "3 adverts now" :shock_fb:

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