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The album ‘Murkage Dave Changed My Life’ is 2 years old today. 🎉 You can still buy a copy here:

Cool, cool, cool, is home to over 31 thousand lovely people and 2.2 million awesome toots :toot: :mastodon_oops: :mastodon:

"This subreddit is public to anyone with a Reddit account" 😳 Another walled garden on the Internet superhighway. Thanks, .

Pretty sure my neighbours upstairs don't realise how thin the floorboards are.

They are a grown couple, but I hear them once every few days running around, chasing each other, both of them giggling away like school kids in love.

Kinda cute, but kinda disturbing.


Did you hear that the economy in Greece has got so bad they've stopped production of tzatziki and taramasalata?

Experts are calling it a double-dip recession.

Last night at 1am I thought it was a good idea to write a blog post about web browsers for .

Go read it and then let's argue (in a friendly way) about some of the things I said.

Here are some new instances to the that you might like to check out:

🕹️ A instance about :

🎷 A instance with a cool name ran by @jake:

🧟 A place for freaks (?), according to @hammerhead:

🤖 Apparently there is a robot called and an instance about it by @FrankSonntag:


Oh, and to get some photographs in your timeline, here are some accounts to follow:

A travel photographer taking some nice shots: @caracolenviaje 🇦🇷

A collection of dog photos: @pupstime :dog_fb:

Mostly street photography, but an interesting set of snaps from @ot05 📸

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So, I guess the day of the week means it's 📅

Although they don't have much of a profile thrown together right now, you should go and follow @clq - the newest member of 🎉

Looking further afield than , but sticking to :norway_fb: look no further than :dog_fb: instance to find @hjertnes - who seems like a very nice person.

And, to see some videos in your timeline, follow one of 's most prolific creators @chriswere 📺

@matt @ElfLord Be patient. You're on different servers, the results are cached, when you refresh right after voting you are resetting local counts in favour of upstream ones but the upstream ones haven't had time to account for your vote.

Trying to consume less news about the 🇺🇸 USA but this podcast is a good one if you are interested in the upcoming election.

@matt that's me using my blanket as a cape when I stand up from the couch to get a glass of water from the kitchen

If you are wondering where this is from, it's a scan of the "Atlas sistemático de historia natural para uso de las escuelas y de las familias"

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Ok, I have some questions about figure 1a... 🦇

Someone just told me they found a bottle of lube in the toilet at work and it makes me wonder...

How could I have been so careless?! :astonished_fb:

Haha, just kidding. It wasn't me. :face_laughing_with_sweat_drop_fb:

I love that browser does that whole pop-out video thing. Means I can watch some streams at the same time as browsing .


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