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I just overheard someone in the park say "lazy person" and I felt like they were calling my name.

I have just discovered #mosstodon is a thing and it’s glorious.

I posted a ! You can go here to read it:

And, if you follow @coxy then you will get blog updates in your or feed.


Heard your mum's an anti-vaxxer. Calls herself Mrs Doubtpfizer.

A message from the @kommune about / vaccines. You can register online to get yours!


"Nå kan du registrere at du vil ta koronavaksinen i Oslo, dobbeltsjekke kontaktinfo og si om du vil stå på reserveliste for ubrukte doser! Merk at slike doser primært gis til personer i samme gruppe som er i gang med vaksineringen"

It's too late to make Suez Canal jokes. That ship has sailed

🗳️ This one is related.

🤓 Build your own (insert technology here)

A list of tutorials for how to . Covering everything from , to , to client, , etc.


My bet is on Heart Surgeons.

It's a legitimate phenomenon - the days when DST switches always sees a spike in heart attacks on those days

Not kidding

Google it

🗳️ "I spend more time..."

It looks like is just 3 registrations away from 100 users. How exciting! How should we celebrate @themayor ?? 🎉

@Kebab_life • Welcome aboard! You might know our inactive members @ED and @Basketballdude 👀

The internet answered my question. is on the first Thursday in May.

🔒 🔒 🔒

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When is it International Reset Your Passwords day? ❓

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