Is there any particular app that makes "all the difference" for Mastodon? I'm on iOS.

@robert I use Toot. It allows multiple accounts/servers and has a dark mode/skin. I tried Tootle, one of the free apps, but couldn’t get past the login lol.

I’m considering getting Mast as well just for comparison reasons. Looks interesting, but the description doesn’t say anything about multiple accounts, which is a deal breaker for me.

@Olivergetz I'm currently using Mast! It looks good, but has some quirks and random crashes encountered when editing settings or profile text. I'll look into Toot, too, and see how it feels!

Thanks for the suggestion!

@Olivergetz Trying a bit from Toot! now. Looks mostly good. The only disadvantage so far is that it's only using "English (Proper)" (to quote @matt). 😅

I'll continue giving both a spin and see what I like the most. :)

@robert @matt let me know what you think after using it a bit! I haven’t had a crash or encountered any bugs with Toot yet. Seems robust, but I might just luckily have avoided them haha

@Olivergetz A disadvantage with Mast seems to be that there are no notifications… That I can find, anyways. 😅

@robert That's odd. Honestly though, notifications give me anxiety so I turn all of them off anyway except for my work email.

@Olivergetz I completely understand that! What puzzled me was that I just realized that you replied earlier today after opening the app 3 times, so I feel it could at least highlight that _something_ has happened inside the app. :)

@robert yeah, I agree entirely that some indication is necessary. At least unless people are here to chat with themselves lol

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