Have you seen something on your timeline which probably shouldn't be? 😱 Some spam accounts? 🤖 Some uncensored nudity? 🍆🍑 Something worse?! 😵‍💫😡

Be sure to use the Report function and I'll put on my police cop uniform 👮🚔 and see if they broke the rules , then put on my judge costume 🧑‍⚖⚖️ and dish out the appropriate sentencing for their crimes...

...which is probably just forcing their content behind a warning ⚠️ or blocking the offending account 🚫 to be honest.


Does have it's own prison as well, for the more serious crimes? 😅

@matias We make offenders sign up on ...which is kinda like a prison sentence 🐬🐬🐬

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