Fancy a swim? 🏊

🇳🇴 has many bathing spots in and around the city.

You can visit the @kommune website to see the directions, water quality, and water temperature. 🌡️

PS: It's recommended not to bathe within the first 24 hrs of heavy rainfall. 🌧️

Snowy is as lovely as ever today ☃️ but quite icy 🧊 Watch your step out there!

It’s not littering if they’re not on the floor, and not graffiti if they’re easily removable. I think. 😬

Some smartie-pants has changed the colour of your plastic recycling from blue to purple! 🔵 👉 🟣

You can still use up any blue bags you have left, but when you spot the purple bags in the supermarket, don’t have a heart attack 🫀⚡️

Okay? Ok. 🎩

🇳🇴 ♻️

A quick snap from my morning stroll in . Bit chilly. A brisk -7’C 🥶

Cor! The printers have done a fine job on these. I might give them the keys to the city. 🔑

200 promo cards for and 100 have a QR code to get instant approval on registering. 🎺

Hello everyone 🎩

Don't forget that this coming Monday is a public holiday in 🎉 Another three-day weekend? Why not.

The will be fine. 🏖️ Enjoy the sunshine, but don't forget to drink lots of water and put on sunscreen ☀️

Stay safe, be good. 🇳🇴

No offence, but a stroll around Oslo town when there’s no tourists and few people is quite nice.

Hello town folk, 🎩

Your favourite instance (that's us - ) is now a Brave Verified Creator.

For those that use web browser, you can now tip tokens to the .town fund.

To give Brave a try, you can use this link:

Thank you 🙏

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