The folk at @kommune sent this announcement out on SMS:

Kjære Oslo! Akkurat nå har vi mindre vann enn normalt, og vi trenger din innsats for å spare vann! Dusj kortere, slå av kranen ved tannpuss og unngå vanning av plen. Gjør det for Oslo, så har vi fortsatt vann til de viktigste tingene i våre liv. Les mer

TLDR; save water by using less of it.

🇳🇴 📣


I'm happy to announce that the hundreds of stickers put up around has generated an estimate of ZERO (0) new users.

Money well spent, I think. 💸

Good job we're not in it for the fame AND glory. Just the glory. 😉


Snowy is as lovely as ever today ☃️ but quite icy 🧊 Watch your step out there!

This weekend is the last weekend of the movie festival in 🇳🇴 and if it’s rainy 🌧 out, what better excuse to head to a cinema and see a film 🍿

Some smartie-pants has changed the colour of your plastic recycling from blue to purple! 🔵 👉 🟣

You can still use up any blue bags you have left, but when you spot the purple bags in the supermarket, don’t have a heart attack 🫀⚡️

Okay? Ok. 🎩

🇳🇴 ♻️

The weekend is here! And I don't mean some trendy pop singer. 🎤

There's lots to see and do in 🇳🇴 this weekend. The 🎄 is open, 🍿 has begun, Norway play Latvia ⚽ and lots more!

Check out the 'Whats happening' pages on Visit Oslo.

Be kind to your neighbours and find more people to follow on the Explore page.


It's gloriously sunny and 24°C in 🇳🇴 today ☀️ . That's the same as 🇮🇹 except it's cloudy in there, apparently. ☁️

Glorious weather in today ☀️🕶🔥

Don’t forget to hydrate and wear sunscreen. 💦

Today I saw some butterflies 🦋 and some bees 🐝 around 🇳🇴

Surely that means spring is finally here? 🐣

Hallo 👋

You can now follow on where I will be sharing photos from around 🇳🇴 So, if you want to see what life is like in, then follow us.


A quick snap from my morning stroll in . Bit chilly. A brisk -7’C 🥶

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