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Hello :mayor_top_hat_fb:

The busy-bodies down at the town hall have some new rules for you in regards to and 🦠

:face_with_mask_fb: You should wear masks indoors (supermarkets and shops) when you can't keep more than 1 meter apart.

💼 If it's possible to work from home, then work from home.

👬 You should not hang out with more than ten different people in a week.

For the full details, see the Kommune website:


⚠️ Coronavirus in Oslo 🦠 

The city hall rules from 28 Sept 🗓

😷 The use of face-masks on public transport is compulsory

🎉 Events with more than 50 people in places without fixed seating indoors are no longer allowed

🥘 Guests at restaurants and pubs must register their presence in the building. Look out for QR codes to scan.

Stay safe out there.

🌧️ Heavy rain in town today ☔

⚠️ Take care when driving and watch out for big puddles 💦

*clears throat* 🎩

I heard that it's going to be heavy rain 🌧️ in for the rest of the week.

Take an umbrella ☔ and don't say that I didn't warn you!

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