Welcome to our newest member and regular @thor 👋

I would “show you the ropes” but I get the impression you already know how to pull all the strings around here.

Also, @thor 👈

@thor Seriously, though… it’s not like I’ll be offended. I might wear a top hat 🎩 , but I’m not sure I want the monopoly on Norwegian instances. 😊

@thor Don’t make me send the teamsters after you. 💪

After work, I’m going to go and see someone about getting a custom baseball cap made 🧢 😎

It sure is humid today, or is that just me? 🥵

It’s Friday, everyone! I hope the day before the weekend treats you kindly. 🎩

The second annual Ravenheart International Film Festival is held at Cinemateket in Oslo Aug 27 - 30 this year. And yes, it seems they will be able to run the festival physically as planned!

Check out the program here and get the tickets here.

Ravenheart is a festival dedicated to genre films, and specifically films in the Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction genres. They aim to showcase new films, but have also found place for anniversary screenings of American Psycho (20 years), The Shining (40 years) and Psycho (60 years)!

The curated short film programs are also worth a watch, where more experimental films can be shown, and new film makers get a chance to show their work.

The Cinematheque is right downtown Oslo, only a few hundred meters walk from the central train station. Last years festival was great (there's some reviews if you scroll a bit down my film section) and the program for this years festival looks even more promising.

Hope to see you there!

(Btw: I'm not involved in the festival, but I know some of the people who are.)

#oslo #fantasy #horror #sci-fi #science-fiction #film #festival

@Twelve But when it's raining inside the computer too?! 🤦‍♂️

Welcome to our newest of town folk, @qpeckin 👋

🏷️ Be sure to make use of to find interesting content and feel free to use the tags or to say hello to everyone.

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Oof 🎩 It’s miserable weather outside (if you don’t like rain) ☔️ and stormy weather in our servers ⛈

We’re looking into technical issues and normal service on will be resumed shortly.

@Wraptile Many cities have bike schemes now. They aren’t free but often subsidised. But then taking a bus or tram isn’t free either. 🚲

@anarchiv I decided you’re not allowed more than one favourite. 🤷‍♂️

Jeg er solbrillemann. 25 år og bor i Stavanger. Favorittspill er Lumines 2 og Uncharted 2. Interessert i politikk rundt digitale rettigheter og klima/miljø. Live streamer sjonglering.

What’s your favourite mode of public transport?

Oof. Monday. How did that happen so fast?! 🎩

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