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It’s week! 🐰 🍫 🐣

Don’t forget that most and stores are closed for the coming 4 or 5 days, so be sure to stock up on essentials today! 🥘 🍞 🍷

Maybe nip to the local on the way and buy yourself a crime novel too, for that true Easter experience. 📖 🔪 🩸 🕵️‍♀️



I'm happy to announce that the hundreds of stickers put up around has generated an estimate of ZERO (0) new users.

Money well spent, I think. 💸

Good job we're not in it for the fame AND glory. Just the glory. 😉


SPRING HAS SPRUNG! ⛅️ What a beautiful day in the capital. 🌸 Take your sunglasses 😎

Is Mastodon to Twitter, the same as Signal is to Whatsapp?

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