Bicycle propaganda, Very Good Times 

We went to my sister's place yesterday, about 15 km through fairly hilly terrain. My mother, who has parkinsons, usually takes the train, but this time she joined our oldest son and me on our longtail.

It was easy, fast and comfortable, but most importantly a fantastic and fun family moment.

It is incredible that so many still substitute these magical everyday moments with dull car trips, and so sad that many live in places where they don't have a choice.


Bicycle propaganda, Very Good Times 

For the record, many would say that we live in one of those places. I have friends who can't understand how we don't need a car. Yes, some people live in places where it is simply impossible to get the logistics of family life to add up without at least one car, let's be honest: most don't. For those of us who don't, going car free is truly life changing, and not just because we save (a lot) of money. Just do it!

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