I’m in the process of a self-imposed week-long game jam that will end with me uploading the project to itch.io this upcoming Sunday before 6PM. The purpose of the jam is to see how far I can get in a week while also learning some new things.

I’d upload a gif but the gif I made was too big for Mastodon.

I recently got fiber installed. Here is a before and after! Made all the difference.

Checked my BAT wallet today and saw it's value has increased by 200% since I bought it. What a pleasant morning surprise. More money for the creators I follow.

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TIL Britney Spears is actually awesome. She grew up in a small rural town and became famous by singing in shopping malls. This gathered enough of a crowd she became noticed. She literally forged her own path with no money.

Vy lost their chance to name their onboard WiFi “VyFi” and I’ll never forgive them for that.

If there is one of the games I worked on I never expected streamers to play, it must be Loaded 4 Bear for Atari 2600. Yes, you read that right.


My friend Leo lost his dog a while back, a great companion, and is now making a video game in his dog's honor. It's a really moving story. If you like dark monster tamer games and roguelites, I recommend following this game.


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If you are looking for some new to listen to, check out my featuring one track from each of the Top 100 albums of 2020.


My Facebook account is now scheduled for deletion, after a lot of connecting with friends through other platforms and pushing them to better solutions, and I am honestly relieved.

If a darker Pokémon-like game sounds interesting, check it out here: necromancers-gift.com/

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I wrote some music for a Monster Tamer game recently. Think Pokémon but darker. The temp track was funk, but I didn't quite agree and decided to go in a heavier direction.

Tenor Sax by Kristoffer Lippestad
Bass by Kjetil Normand
Mixed by Matias Aaveren


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Interesting that they do a "factory reset" on the @POTUS account, clearing (but archiving) all tweets, following and followers - ready for the new president.

Would love the same factory reset option on every social network profile, including on .

A "delete all data but keep my account" option would be great.

My monthly contribution on Brave! I love being able to tip the content creators I like directly and avoid ads.

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Deleting an Instagram account is literally a 13-step process, which is in itself a good reason to not use the app.

If you would like a dramatic start to your day, listen to one of my favourite tone poems:


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Dagens musikkoppdagelse. Rolig jazztrio med selveste Chet Baker i spissen. God mandag!


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