Just booked a bunch of tickets to various showings as part of πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ film festival!


If you want to see some - packed with + feature films and shorts - check it out!


Welcome to @Goddimp - the newest member of oslo.town πŸŽ‰

The local timeline is sometimes a bit quiet but you can find new people to follow by looking at various and also post your own . πŸ‘‹

The website works great in your mobile web browser but if you’re the sort of person who likes apps β€” we got them! πŸ“±


Oh, and now you’re a member you can invite your friends to βœ‰οΈ



Welcome to @owle πŸŽ‰

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Velkommen! :mayor_top_hat_fb:

Crikey! Look who came to town. It’s @peiitforward :heart_sparkling_fb:

Let’s give them a very warm welcome to the and to - where are a way to discover new content, the timeline is in chronological order and there’s no adverts. :crystal_ball_fb:

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Let's give a warm welcome to @simen :hand_clapping_fb:

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Cor! The printers have done a fine job on these. I might give them the keys to the city. πŸ”‘

200 promo cards for oslo.town and 100 have a QR code to get instant approval on registering. 🎺

⏰ ⏰ It’s time to get up ⏰ ⏰

You can only pick one to fight by your side. The others will fight against you.

Who do you pick?

** shuffles around some papers in order to look busy **

With a pinch 🀏 and a punch 🀜 it’s the first of the month! Get outside and smell that fresh autumnal air. πŸ‚

Updated the About page for the instance to note that any reports will be dealt with within 48 hours.

Life is too short for Internet drama. Make use of your own β€œBlock and report” button as you see fit.


Good morning :mayor_top_hat_fb:

It’s the weekend! I hope you have a lovely Saturday and Sunday. :sun_with_face_fb:

I sometimes play Tavern Music with a group of friends around Oslo, mostly in Slottsparken.

Where are my nerds at?

Welcome to @javier – the newest resident of πŸŽ‰

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Hello townfolk! 🎩 If you weren’t where you were right now, where do you wish you were?

Here ye, here ye! 🎩

It's a fine day to welcome our newest member of β€” @cookey

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Most importantly; be nice and have fun! :face_smile_fb:

You all opted for β€œsmiles” so I went with the smiley text. Here’s the first ever cap. 🧒

Is this the first cap, or just the best?

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