It’s not littering if they’re not on the floor, and not graffiti if they’re easily removable. I think. 😬

Poppycock! Where’s my parcel, post person?! 📦 It’s important marketing materials and you’re delaying my success. 🎩

I want to speak with the CEO of the internet

Always look both ways when you’re crossing a road. You might also want to look up and down too. Just in case. 🚗 🚦

This weekend is the last weekend of the movie festival in 🇳🇴 and if it’s rainy 🌧 out, what better excuse to head to a cinema and see a film 🍿

And then he said “I’m not from round here” and I said “Welcome!”

Some smartie-pants has changed the colour of your plastic recycling from blue to purple! 🔵 👉 🟣

You can still use up any blue bags you have left, but when you spot the purple bags in the supermarket, don’t have a heart attack 🫀⚡️

Okay? Ok. 🎩

🇳🇴 ♻️

Pencils come with an eraser on the end because we all make mistakes sometimes ✏️

The weekend is here! And I don't mean some trendy pop singer. 🎤

There's lots to see and do in 🇳🇴 this weekend. The 🎄 is open, 🍿 has begun, Norway play Latvia ⚽ and lots more!

Check out the 'Whats happening' pages on Visit Oslo.

It’s Friday, so I guess we can all take the afternoon off. 🎩

Don’t forget to put your trousers on before you leave the house. 🎩

As a Mastodon Blue subscriber, your Mastodon experience will be more customized, more expressive, and generally speaking more 🔥.

You will get these features and perks for the monthly price of $0.00. 💵

Time for a nice cup of… 🗳

It’s Sunday! Take the day off, kick off your shoes and relax. 🪑🪴🌦

Unless you have to work on Sundays. In which case you should probably go to work. 🤔

Here at, we aren’t interested in keeping your old toots if you want them to be forgotten. 🎺

You can choose a time to automagically delete your toots, polls, and messages in the settings. ⏲ 💣

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