If you see any junk on the local timeline, please report it and we'll send out our road sweep to clean it up. 🧹


🗳️ There's been a passionate discussion recently of whether should ditch the term 'Toot' and change it to 'Post'.

Which side of the fence are you on?

A message from the @kommune about / vaccines. You can register online to get yours!


"Nå kan du registrere at du vil ta koronavaksinen i Oslo, dobbeltsjekke kontaktinfo og si om du vil stå på reserveliste for ubrukte doser! Merk at slike doser primært gis til personer i samme gruppe som er i gang med vaksineringen"


Today I saw some butterflies 🦋 and some bees 🐝 around 🇳🇴

Surely that means spring is finally here? 🐣

Woah! It's Monday! This day just won't give up. At least once a week it creeps into the calendar. 📆

I am The Mayor and what I say goes. Fortunately, I don't say much.

With a pinch and a punch, it’s the first of the month... or something. 🎩

Our friends at @kommune sent a new message about 🦠 restrictions. Follow the link for the latest updates.

“Kjære Oslo. Det er innført nye og strengere tiltak for å stoppe spredning av det muterte koronaviruset. Hold ut. Gjør det for Oslo.”


Is there any particular app that makes "all the difference" for Mastodon? I'm on iOS.

Hallo 👋

You can now follow oslo.town on where I will be sharing photos from around 🇳🇴 So, if you want to see what life is like in oslo.town, then follow us.



A quick snap from my morning stroll in . Bit chilly. A brisk -7’C 🥶

Happy New Year to everyone in oslo.town and the world wide ! 🥳 🎊

Time to elect a new Mayor! I vote me! Poll closed. What an outstanding victory by me. 🎩

Toot, toot. I have spawned on this instance.

Thanks for setting it up and making it publicly available, @matt!

If I had a cat, I would dress it in red at winter and call it Santa Claws. 🎅 😺

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