Litt frostrøyk og høstfarger. Oslofjorden, Asker i dag morges.

Weekend? More like week-beginning!

*kicks off office shoes*

And suddenly it feels like summer again ☀️

If you see any spam accounts on, please hit the report button and I’ll deal with it as soon as possible. 🎩

I hope everyone is doing OKAY as we go in to the weekend. 🎩

I’m going to propose we delete Monday from the calendar and replace it with a second Sunday. 🎩

Drop by @Basketballdude’s exhibition today. 11am - 6pm, Josefines gate 2 I heard it’s a lovely place. 🍐

Are you ready for a very 🇳🇴 -based 🗳 ??

If a spoon and a fork combined is called a spork, does that mean a fork and a knife combined is called a small Scottish region?


@trumpet 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Please remember… because I often forget to.


I hope you’re looking forward to Thursday because it’s coming up within the next hour of your life! 😵‍💫

Fancy a swim? 🏊

🇳🇴 has many bathing spots in and around the city.

You can visit the @kommune website to see the directions, water quality, and water temperature. 🌡️

PS: It's recommended not to bathe within the first 24 hrs of heavy rainfall. 🌧️

Bicycle propaganda, Very Good Times 

We went to my sister's place yesterday, about 15 km through fairly hilly terrain. My mother, who has parkinsons, usually takes the train, but this time she joined our oldest son and me on our longtail.

It was easy, fast and comfortable, but most importantly a fantastic and fun family moment.

It is incredible that so many still substitute these magical everyday moments with dull car trips, and so sad that many live in places where they don't have a choice.

You’re rootin’ for a tootin’! 🎺

Det sies at det er en tid for alt. Når kommer tida for informative, poengterte og meningsbærende avisoverskrifter på nettet?

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