Advantages of using on over :

👩‍💻 Web developers know someone still uses Firefox

🔍 You can add any search engine you want instead of having to use Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, or Ecosia.


Summary: Firefox on iOS is not impressive.

@duncanhart Now I have access to the AI tech , I love to ask it to generate images in the style of LS Lowry.

Of course, it’s not always accurate, but fun to do.

Of course, there were many that chose to go and see the site of the shooting. Myself included. There was a sombre atmosphere there with people crying, grieving and generally being upset - but also very supportive of each other. I hope each of those people went off to celebrate with their loved ones afterwards.


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Despite the terrible attack on the LGBT+ community last night, it was actually really great to see so many people out enjoying themselves on the streets of today, whether that be in the parade, which was a people-driven effort free of corporate sponsorship, out in the parks having picnics with their friends or on balconies partying away.

🏳‍🌈 🏳‍🌈 🏳‍🌈 🏳‍🌈 🏳‍🌈 🏳‍🌈

Spontaneous Pride march in Oslo, inspite of the Pride-committee :heartPride:

Are there danes and norwegians around here? Or foreigner people living in #Norway or #Denmark? I’d like to get your opinion on the country you’re living in in regard to ethics in politic, ecology, freedom of press, education and healthcare, food, price of housing… let’s call that quality of life^^

I read that Denmark was a better student in many of those topics, that medium wage is higher than in Norway but life a little less expensive. Plus bikes everywhere :hearteyes:

On the other hand #Oslo attracts me as a smaller city compared to #Copenhagen. Plus the “alcohol culture” suits me more. And norwegian seems a little easier than danish (well they do look a lot like each other but they don’t sound at all the same)

But Copenhagen is closer to #Malmö the city of scandinavian rock and from the photos i’ve seen seems a little cuter…

Well as you can see i’m hesitating^^

Now I have access to I finally have a use for . 😆

If you want me to generate any images, send me a phrase! 🔮

Me: Wants to read one thing on the work intranet.


1) Turn on computer and signs into vpn
2) go to intranet
3) Sign in. 2 factor.
4) You do not have permission, check company app
5) opens app, signs in. 2 factor.
6) "Your device isn't up to date"
7) About your mac > Update software
8) "Your device needs to be plugged in to do that"
9) Struggles to find charger because my daughter has hidden it
10) "Updating... 45 mins remaining"


Technology. Why you so bad. 🤡

I'm happy that the train workers in the are going on because they've given us the gift of television interviews. 🥲 Choo-choo! 🚂

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