I watched more Baiteze FC in the past year than I have Manchester United :ball_soccer_fb:

And Baiteze just released this music video: youtu.be/kxfxi3PSTd4

I dag er det #fyljarfredag (eller #followfriday som det også heiter)

Eg vill fremme (3) kule fødivers kontoar


Skaparen av Oslo sin instanse (oslo.town), i tillegg til å være han som rapportere om gruvefesten i Oslo.


Politisk pirat og filosofi-student. Driver Piratpartiet sin podcast.


Poster søte bileter av hamsteren deres ❤️

Håpar fleire lagar ein fyljar-fredag post for å dela kven som gir tidslinja di liv! 🥳

"Alarm as Arctic sea ice not yet freezing at latest date on record.

Graphs of sea-ice extent in the Laptev Sea, which usually show a healthy seasonal pulse, appear to have flat-lined. As a result, there is a record amount of open sea in the Arctic."


🗳️ Which was your favourite?

The app is very good and the author of said app is @kornel

👆 Go follow!

I've noticed cars have this button that makes all illegal parking spots legal! Very clever.

🗳️ Which was your favourite?

"Google exempts its own websites from Chrome's automatic data-scrubbing feature, allowing the ads giant to potentially track you even when you've told it not to."


Happy #InternationalPronounsDay / #PronounsDay!

We posted our report on the pronouns question of the international 2020 Gender Census (>24,000 participants) recently: gendercensus.com/post/63215016

The most popular pronoun among binary-defying respondents was singular they at 78%.

@matt While we're at it, I suggest we also push for curly fiber cables. Our datacenters would look beautiful.

Campaign to bring back curly cables. Sign my petition. Boost if you agree.

Most of today has been trying to play Tetris with my work calendar.

Someone thought it was a good idea to create a 5 day workshop from Thursday - Wednesday starting at 17:00 each evening.

So, I guess I'll working night shifts from Thursday and taking the daytime off.

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