I think one of my favourite TV quotes of all time was when a girl with tourette's shouted out "Kick him in the nuts, send him to space!" followed shortly by "Your mum's a fucking squirrel!"


Yo! I don't know about YOU but I'm going to leave work early today to take my cat to the pet dentist. :cat_fb:

The answer was 3500 kr. Which is not worth it.

Because for an extra 500 kr, I could probably buy a new .

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Today I got a quote from for repairing the screen on my three year old mobile phone. It cost...?

City get done in over money issues, but how long before Jürgen Klopp has a doping scandal? He's got to be slipping something into those pitch-side water bottles. Win after win after win.

:ball_soccer_fb: :football_liverpool:

The bizarre story of and his kidnapped wife continues! Fun to see the newspapers have to explain how works versus - because that's how the kidnappers have demanded ransom payments. :xmr:

My cat just knocked my phone off the table and it smashed the screen.

I'm in a bar and the DJ has just come and set up his decks between me and the rest of the bar. So my view is the back of the DJ. Cool.

I'm using for the most part but like the idea of supporting local-company . I used to work with most of the staff anyway.

Was slightly worried though that if I used Vivaldi with (my preferred search engine right now) then Vivaldi aren't making money.

But turns out they are. Ecosia and VIvaldi have a search deal.

Here's the details about Vivaldi's business model: vivaldi.com/blog/vivaldi-busin

I wondered if emo music was popular anymore, so went on the Twittersphere and found some cool late-teen alt-emo kids talking about music and then made a playlist of all the bands they were talking about.

😎 So, this is what the kids are listening to.


😎 So, this is what the kids are listening to. (Volume 2)


I used to have this issue where I'd say "Hi, I'm Matt" and five minutes later people would call me Max.

But more recently, the issue is that I say "Hi, I'm Matt" and they instantly repeat "Amat ?"


I need to stop saying "I'm" before I say my name. are hard.

I just talked at a colleague about and for far too long. They did ask, though.


I done too much work this week and my brain is giving up 🧠

Been chipping away at gameid.co tonight. A work in progress.

Opening the app on my phone is dangerous for my wallet...

I discover so much new music and the purchase button is just a tap away. 💸


Oh, ok. Last.fm mostly works with javascript disabled. 🎉

In a bid to reduce their carbon footprint, the UK postal service insist all diesel vans will now by powered by elbow grease.

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