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This morning I released a new version of RoboHydra, my tool to play around and fiddle with HTTP and WebSocket _responses_. It's useful to test API clients (including mobile apps), help setup frontend-focused development environments, and more:

It doesn't really have any changes, just a small security update, and I don't expect to actively work on it for the time being, but it might be useful for someone.

I’m still trying to get my head around the Mastodon web interface. I feel the “simple interface” is miles ahead of the “advanced interface”. Is it just me?

Oi. 4 months have passed since my last toot. Um. Hi! .o/

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Hva er ditt favorittord? Favorittordet mitt på norsk er "kaffetørst" og favorittordet mitt på engelsk er "Floccinaucinihilipilification".

Installing Tweetbot 6 for Twitter, I realize how much a good app helps on the experience. It would be amazing to have something like that for Mastodon!

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#Google starts to lock out non-official Chrome builds like #Chromium. The #web is a cricual infrastructure these days and as such we need independent browsers and rendering engines!

If you care about the free and open web you shouldn't use Chrome based browsers.

Thread with more details:

Further stupid questions: Do you prefer Tootsuite's regular or "advanced" view? I kind of like the regular more as it focuses on the content, but I do see the advanced one as aluring, too. But I don't really like having the columns at a fixed, narrow width.

The alternative to also try out, of course, is using the instance's website on mobile, too.

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After using both Toot! and Mast for a couple of days, I'd say that Toot! seems better for managing and reading timelines of who you already follow, while Mast is better at discovering new people and events.

Mast seemingly lacks support for notifications, but is (in my opinion) a bit more thought through design and user experience wise; Toot! relies on a lot of text labeled buttons.

I'll keep using both for a while to decide, but for now these are my observations so far.

As much as I love my Surface Pro, I'm a bit sad I didn't go for a Surface Book instead.

Is there any particular app that makes "all the difference" for Mastodon? I'm on iOS.

Happy new year, all! May 2021 be the year everyone needs after 2020.

Toot, toot. I have spawned on this instance.

Thanks for setting it up and making it publicly available, @matt!

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