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Bicycle propaganda, Very Good Times 

For the record, many would say that we live in one of those places. I have friends who can't understand how we don't need a car. Yes, some people live in places where it is simply impossible to get the logistics of family life to add up without at least one car, let's be honest: most don't. For those of us who don't, going car free is truly life changing, and not just because we save (a lot) of money. Just do it!

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Bicycle propaganda, Very Good Times 

We went to my sister's place yesterday, about 15 km through fairly hilly terrain. My mother, who has parkinsons, usually takes the train, but this time she joined our oldest son and me on our longtail.

It was easy, fast and comfortable, but most importantly a fantastic and fun family moment.

It is incredible that so many still substitute these magical everyday moments with dull car trips, and so sad that many live in places where they don't have a choice.

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Tenk på dagen i dag før du benker deg foran fjernsynet til vinteren for å kose deg med VM-kamper fra landet hvor homofili straffes med syv års fengsel.

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Hvis jeg legger meg for å sove med en tent sigarett i kjeften, er da "ulykke" det mest korrekte ordet å bruke når huset brenner ned?

Spør for journalister som skriver om folk som kjører i 100 km/t mens de ser på mobilen #xp

Enkelte klarer ikke i sin villeste fantasi å forestille seg hvordan man kan få med seg en liten vase uten å få kjøre til butikken. Kona sykler på hagesenteret og kjøper 120 liter jord. Og et tre.

Tybring-Gjedde 0 - 1 Ingrid

Eng: my wife bought 120 litres of soil and a tree today, maxing out the capacity (125 kg load) on our Tern for the first time. :)

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Helt utrolig hvor resistente Høyre er mot kunnskap om trafikk.

Nei, @Henrikasheim. Folk kommer ikke raskere fram med større veikapasitet. Tvert imot blir bare køen lengre og bredere. Prioriterer man derimot kollektiv, sykkel og gange, blir det mindre kø på veien for andre.

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i read a thing recently that blew my mind a little.
went something like:

people can imagine time travel to the past and one little act making massive differences in the timeline

but in their present they think even the greatest effort they can put in will not make any difference to the future

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Short rant about misconception of Mastodon 

I read an article where the writer is repeatedly uneasy about how conversations on Mastodon are devoid of politics, ”as if the outside world doesn’t exist.” The idea being that the birdsite is more connected to reality?

It’s frustrating to me that anyone would portray algorithm-boosted rage as representative of the world stage, and real, human conversation as non-representative of the human condition and human desire.

The world is upside-down.

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Nye regler mot privatfly: "[...]så vil dette medføre at hele flyet er betalt i skatt hvert annet år".
Litt mer humant enn mitt stående forslag om å legalisere å skyte ned privatflyene, men bra!

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Med den klimapolitikken vi i Norge fører, har jeg sympati for aksjonistene, og støtter «klimapøblene». Norsk politikk gjør bare ting verre. På tide å ta av silkehanskene overfor flertallet på Stortinget!

Car culture robs us of beauty and human connection so often and in so many ways most of us can't even see it anymore. It is a tragedy.

Case in point: the elderly at Ammerudlunden senior centre went outside today to enjoy the local kindergardens walk their annual 17th of may parade (held on the 16th). This was the view from the parade. Imagine what the kids saw.

This has to change. We absolutely need a "war on cars".

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Heads up. If your profile picture is an image that looks like it might be from an NFT collection (e.g. "bored ape"), you have "laser eyes", a user name ending in .eth (or similar), or indeed anything else about your profile screams cryptocurrency fanboi, I will not be following you no matter what other interests we might share. And to be honest you probably do not want to follow me.

I don't just dislike crytocurrencies, I f*cking hate them for all manor of reasons.

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You know what I hate the most? The fact that people in Baltimore, USA, are turning on their ACs when it is like 17°C outside while we in India have to bear the 42°C heat without ACs, because it is just not economically viable. And why is it so hot here? Because of a heatwave caused by global warming caused due to the crazy use of electricity by the global west. Wear a fucking sweater in your house like the rest of us instead of using central heating.

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Så fordi Norkart har føkka opp så må jeg

1) Vite om det
2) Vite hva jeg skal gjøre
3) Klikke meg inn på masse steder
4) Registrere meg nye steder som kan lekke dataene en gang
5) Lese (lol) og godta masse nye vilkår som dette.

Og hva må Norkart? #xp

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This @PleaseCaption bot is amazing. It instantly detects whether you've posted media without alt text and sends you a little toot so you can delete and re-draft. Give it a follow now. (Hope it can work at scale)

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