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Au bon tweet #quaxing made in USA 🇺🇸 :

Bagger pushing cart full of groceries as we reach the bike: Ummmm...

Me: don't worry it'll work


Me: it always works

3 kids. A week worth of groceries for our family. 1 bike.


"It is about to calve off and it's a huge part of the glacier.

"To see that in front of me made me think, 'Gosh, this is really happening.' I haven't appreciated that in the same way before," said Dr Johnson, from British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

Yep, the Antarctic is melting too, and it's bad. We need a radical green shift, and we need it now.

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The Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) described Mopub (Twitter's ad platform) as ‘out of control’.

NCC found that Twitter were guilty of unlawfully sharing user data.

“If the consumer does not want their apps to transmit personal data to commercial third parties, the only option is often not to install the apps in the first place.”

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Alright guys. By the end of 2020, I aim to be completely out of the cold, greedy ecosystems of Facebook and Google. I started slow by deleting the Facebook app. Very effective, I went from checking the feed multiple times per day to.. well.. hardly logging on any more. Should make it easier to delete account at sone point — can't quite get myself to do that yet.

Next up: Ditching Google calendar. Suggestions? What are the best alternatives?

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other countries:
hmmmm what should we put on our bank notes. how about this famous dude


Ditt lokale sosiale nettverk —

An online home for the people of Oslo, Norway 🇳🇴 but a gateway to the world.